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Each campus (i.e. ELS, Preparatory, and College) has its own specific uniform.  An overlap from one campus to another is not appropriate.  Reddam House requests that parents respect the individuality of each campus by not allowing their children to wear uniform items that are not specific to their campus. The different school uniform items on offer may be matched at the student’s discretion. The only exception is on a Friday when the Grade 4-6 students dress in their formal uniform as they attend Assembly.

Reddam House Shop is the stockist of all school uniform items.  For the benefit of all the new and existing families to Reddam House, the following is general information pertinent to Reddam House Shop.  We request that all parents and students familiarise themselves with this information.

The staff at the shop will advise and assist you in purchasing the correct uniform items and quantities relevant to your child.  Advice is given without prejudice.  The onus is upon the customer to make the final decision regarding size, fit etc. before purchasing any item.  Please feel free to contact the shop with regard to any assistance or advice you may require.

Contact details:   Telephone: 010-0600759         Email:


As you may be aware, the Competition Commission’s recent investigation into the optimal management of school uniforms in South African schools identified possible anti-competitive practices. This primarily related to the  ‘exclusive agreements in the procurement of school uniforms’ which necessitates purchasing of branded uniforms from specific suppliers (as well as the tender processes involved in appointing these suppliers) as opposed to generic uniforms from commercial retailers. Many schools in South Africa formed a part of this investigation and the Competition Commission decided to cordially reach an agreement with the Schools Division on desired policies and practices around the management of school uniforms.


Thus, in short, our agreement with the CC is as follows:

    • A reduction in compulsory, branded uniform items. A process of reviewing all school uniform items is underway. This is to ensure that more affordable generic options are available to parents for purchase elsewhere other than from the official uniform suppliers in the future.
    • A more rigorous process will be followed when appointing uniform suppliers and renewing existing uniform agreements. This includes a more competitive bidding process. We are currently in consultation with our current uniform suppliers and will also ensure that all new uniform suppliers are appointed in strict adherence to the principles of the Competition Commission.
    • The reduction of the duration of uniform agreements to stimulate a more competitive uniform supplier environment.


We would like to assure all families that we are actively managing this process with our families’ best interests in mind, while also upholding the unique brand identity of our school.



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