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"A warm welcome to Reddam House Waterfall Estate, a school that is inclusive and values diversity. At Reddam House Waterfall we aim to recognise, nurture and grow the unique contributions, talents and potential of every child. 

We offer a holistic educational service. Our students strive for excellence in the academic, sporting and cultural arenas. Growing compassion and social responsibility is one of our core objectives and we see this by the many community outreach programmes that our students are involved in. 

Our experienced and highly skilled staff members are dedicated to laying strong foundations and growing confidence in our students so that they can operate on a global platform. We value relationships and understand the importance of the staff, students and parents working together to enable a successful and happy school experience.

Our students learn is a relaxed and safe environment that encourages collaboration and mutual respect. Reddam House offers a co-educational experience that allows our children to forge relationships where the attitude and nature of boys and girls complement each other.

At the end of their schooling our students leave as innovative, responsible and caring citizens who make positive contributions to society.

I invite you to come and visit our school to see it in action."


The rigorous college curriculum has ensured that our students achieve to their highest potential as they prepare for the college and careers to which they aspire after high school.  The faculty and staff work diligently to make sure we are preparing students to be successful, contributing members of our society. Our dedication to tradition, community and innovation along with forming a strong partnership with an engaged educational community have contributed to making Reddam House Waterfall one of South Africa's premier high schools.

Our chief focus is to provide our students with a world-class education where students develop and practice a self-awareness, a global competency, the skills to communicate effectively and the ability to collaborate with peers around the world. Our teachers endeavour to develop higher order and critical thinking skills, and infuse those skills into every aspect of a lesson. We strive to challenge every student at a level that matches his or her ability.

Our students participate in a technologically rich environment whereby they are provided with the necessary skills and tools to become technologically literate and achieve to their highest potential. Through extensive research, writing, collaboration and dialogue, students learn to become curious and resilient risk-takers. These engaged students take ownership of their own learning and, in turn, demonstrate passion for knowledge and solving problems.


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